Courses that have teacher & student notes, handouts, powerpoint presentations and videos:

How to Read the Bible

How to Read the Bible – Part 2

How We Got the Bible

How Christianity Changed the World

Heaven And Hell

Prove to Me that God Exists

The Real Easter Story

The Real Christmas Story

The Problem Of Evil





Is there life after death-course notes

Research Courses that only have teacher notes:

The 2nd Coming of Jesus


Finding Truth

Total Truth: Liberating Christianity From Its Cultural Captivity

How Did We Get Here?

Was Our Universe Designed for Human Life?

Problems with the Big Bang Theory

Is there a War between Christianity and Science?

Is Morality Absolute or Relative?

How is Jesus Different from Other Religious Leaders?



The Separation of Church and State

A Life Made to Count

Alleged Errors in the Bible

Was Jesus involved in politics? Should Christians be involved in politics?

How I became a Young Earth Creationist (YEC)

Is there Life after Death?

Do Miracles Happen?

Who is the Messiah?


The Jewish Feasts and the benefit they have for Christians today

The Three Most Asked Questions in Life


The Uniqueness of Planet Earth