Dave’s School of Apologetics International (DSAI)


     Dave’s School of Apologetics International (DSAI) provides free bible study materials, in-person and online classes, and seminars to 3rd world countries like Pakistan. Not only are we reaching people for Christ but we’re providing a firm foundation for these young believers, who don’t have the resources for their own spiritual growth. In our first 8 months, 1,000 Pakistanis have taken our courses. Jesus said “Feed My sheep” (John 21:17). DSAI is feeding the Word of God to these people.
Our Pakistani pastor is translating my website classes into the Pakistani language. He prints them off, puts the pages into a spiral bound notebook and gives them to anyone willing to sign up for the class, all at no charge even though it costs him $7 U.S. dollars to print each notebook.
He recently taught one of my classes to a group of women brick factory workers. These women work for pennies an hour. They are extremely poor. They live in mud huts with no heat or running water. DSAI introduces them to our Savior and disciples them in their young faith. We also provide a little food, a bottled water and a graduation certificate. Through our classes, these women are finding freedom in Christ. Our Pakistani pastor is being so successful that he is receiving death threats from radical Islamists.
Here are some of the classes with their booklets:

Several young men formed Dave’s Youth Group and are evangelizing and promoting masks for poor Pakistani people





Teaching a course in Sargohda (a very poor region of Pakistan).

Above, women brick workers in Pakistan

Below, a teacher teaches one of our classes in the Pakistani (Urdu) language

Far below, he teaches a group of people in one of the few churches in Pakistan



His wife is teaching these women how to read. Then she will teach them one of our courses.


Teaching a class of DSAI in Pakistan.





Would you consider a donation to this important evangelistic and discipleship work? A gift of $10, $30, $50 or more would be very appreciated. All donations are tax deductible. DSAI is a 501©3 organization. 100% of your donation goes directly into producing this class material.
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Thank you in Jesus’ name,
Dave Maynard