Hello. My name is Dave Maynard, instructor for an insightful series of online Bible Studies video classes outlined below. Learn more about me and my qualifications as a Bible Studies Instructor.

Years ago, when I was looking at bible study methods and courses to use when teaching people who had just accepted Christ, I found much of it to be what I would describe as ‘devotional’ material. For someone who had no knowledge of the Bible or Christianity, much of the content raised more questions than gave answers. This devotional material was geared to growing in our faith and our walk with God – a very good endeavor – however, it seemed inadequate to me, as far as giving someone a good, working knowledge of the basic beliefs of Christianity. This method also didn’t seem to anticipate skeptical but honest questions that may come up. So, I decided to write my own material with my pastor’s support and oversight…

These classes I have created are geared towards a more rational, ‘apologetic’ approach. Apologetic just means giving a reason for why you believe what you believe (it’s not apologizing for what you believe). My classes are also geared to answer skeptical but honest questions; many are ones that I had either before I was a Christian, or right after I choose to follow Christ. My purpose is to provide a firm foundation that can solidify your belief in the Bible and Jesus Christ. Some of my classes are intended to provide a biblical perspective on current topics as well.

Whether you are a teacher or a student, I invite you to to sign-up for these online Bible Studies classes with their comprehensive support materials.

I promise you that your questions of Faith will be answered and your understanding of Christianity will be enlightened for Skeptics, Seekers, and Believers.

Dave Maynard