Did God create intelligent beings other than humans?

     The short answer would be YES! But don’t try cashing that check just yet, pilgrim.
God created angels (Psalms 148:2-5). He created all things including “powers, rulers or authorities” (Colossians 1:16). Some angels rebelled against God and became demons. Satan is a demon (Revelation 12:4).

     But the real intent of the question is did God create alien life? Did He create other human-type beings that live on another planet? Is our galaxy teeming with extra-terrestrial beings?
The short answer is, we don’t know. But this scenario has problems of its own. The bible says that when Adam “fell”, all of creation (the Greek word here is cosmos, which applies to all of the physical universe) fell with him. So if there are any other intelligent beings out there, they, like us humans, are “fallen” also and in need of a Savior. But how would they be “saved”?


Would they be human-type beings or just living things like bacteria. Since Christ died for the entire world (the Greek word is again, cosmos), and His death was “once for all” (Hebrews 7:26,27), how would these aliens get the salvation message? Since our sin nature was passed on to us thru our ancestors, how was it imputed to these extra-terrestrials (Romans 5:12-19)? How would they even know about it?

     So, it doesn’t seem likely, from a Christian viewpoint, that there are any extra-terrestrials. But we cannot completely rule it out either, just because we don’t know or cannot figure it out.

     But what about from a secular viewpoint? Most people would say that in one of the billions of galaxies out there, and in one of the trillions of planets, surely  there must be other intelligent beings out there. Without giving you a course in astronomy, the short answer is, it seems very unlikely.

     Here’s why;
– two thirds of the stars in the universe are multiple star systems (where 2 or 3 stars are revolving around each other in one solar system). A planet revolving around them would be exposed to extreme temperatures, to like thousands of degrees difference. Human life cannot live with such temperature variation. Earth’s temperature variation is only about 140 degrees, from about -20 to +120 degrees.
– of the remaing single star systems, our human-type life can only exist on about 10-15% of them. The radiation from these stars would be either the wrong type of radiation and/or it would be either too intense of not intense enough.
– the planet would have to be in the “habitable” zone of the star’s solar system. The “habitable” zone is the distance from the star where liquid water would exist. If the planet were too near the star, the liquid water would boil away. If it were too far from the star, the liquid water would freeze. We need liquid water, and lots of it, for human-type life to exist. In our solar system, the habitability zone is after Venus but before Mars. As such, out of 8 planets in our solar system, only one planet lies within the habitability zone…Earth.

– but life would not exist on Earth if it wasn’t for our ozone layer in our upper atmosphere. The ozone layer (which is only about one inch thick) prevents the Sun’s most harmful rays from reaching Earth’s surface. If those very energetic rays did reach Earth’s surface, our brains would boil within seconds, bring death to all of us.
– Earth’s atmosphere moderates our planet’s temperature, causing our type of life to proliferate.
– most of our Milky Way galaxy is too dangerous for human life because of the intense radiation emitted from its center where stars are way too close together.

There’s more detail on this at;

     I could go on and on with all the specific conditions that must exist for human life to exist and thrive, but I think you get the point. We humans could easily be the only life forms existing in the universe.

     In conclusion, nothing in the bible says anything about extra-terrestrial life existing. The bible is silent on this issue. But if there was intelligent life on other planets, it wouldn’t contradict Christian beliefs. It would, however, pose problems of its own. I guess we’ll never know until we get to heaven.   

For His eternal Kingdom,
Dave Maynard