UFO’s: Are They Real? – 4 weeks

Are UFO’s from other planets?

If not, where are they from?

We’ll be taking a scientific, rational look at this phenomena. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to be a scientist to understand it all.

Teacher notes and handouts

01-UFO Synposis teacher notes

2-UFO belief poll

02-UFO Close Encounters teacher notes

03-UFO history 1 teacher notes

04-UFO history 2 teacher notes

05-UFO physical anomalies teacher notes

06-Arguments against ‘nuts & bolts’ theory

07-UFO Extra-terrestials teacher notes

08-UFO flatland picture

09-Interdimensional Theory

10-UFO Alien Abduction teacher notes 1

11-UFO-Alien-Abduction-teacher-notes 2

12-UFO UFOlogists quotes teacher notes

13-Further Quotes

14-UFO’s-scriptures about occultic practices

15-UFO’s… Aliens and Occultic communication methods

16-Parallels bet.Abductions & Occult Phenomena

17-Roswell 1-4 What really happened at Roswell

18-Roswell 5-7 The Roswell Incident and Project Mogul

19-UFO References

Sun & Planets sizes

Star Classifications

Planets comparison 1

Planets comparison 2

Our Galaxy and our Sun







UFO What are they pp

Teacher Instructional Videos

UFO’s introduction

UFO’s 1

UFO’s 2

UFO’s 3

UFO’s 4