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Setting Forth Positive Reasons for Christianity. What is Apologetics?

How to Read the Bible – 4 weeks

Is the Bible confusing to you?

Do you wonder where to start reading?

Why are some parts of it written so different from other parts?

This class won’t tell you WHAT to study but HOW to study the Bible at an understandable level. We’ll look at the 5 different types of literature that the Bible uses. It will also give you a great overview of the Bible.


How We Got the Bible – 4 weeks

How was the Bible put together?

How do we know the Bible is from God?

What about the ‘lost books of the Bible’(books that didn’t make it into the Bible)

Why should I believe the Bible over other religious books?

Isn’t the Bible full of errors & contradictions?

We’ll cover all of the above and a lot more. By the end of this class, you will be a bible “scholar”!


Heaven and Hell – 6 weeks

Won’t a loving God give people a 2nd chance after we die?

Is hell permanent or temporary?

Can people who have died look down from heaven on us?

Is hell outer darkness or burning sulfur & flames or something else?

In heaven, do we sit on clouds all day playing music?

What will we “do” in heaven for an eternity?

Will we continue to learn, work or create things in heaven?

Is heaven a 24/7 praise and worship service?

What will the “future” look like?

Prepare to have your ideas about heaven & hell ssssttttrrrreeeeeched!



Why do bad things happen to good people?

If God is all-good, why does He allow evil?

If God is all-powerful, why doesn’t He destroy evil?

We’ll discuss the origin of evil, its sources & what we can do about it. We’ll also answer questions about it, like the ones above.

Free Sample Class

Reincarnation – 2 weeks

Is reincarnation biblical?

But past lives are soooo fascinating….

What’s appealing about reincarnation?

What’s wrong with reincarnation?

What is the Bible’s alternative to reincarnation

We’ll look at all of the practical issues of reincarnation and answer many of the relevant questions that it poses. We’ll also see what the Bible says about it.


Future Course Offerings:

How Christianity Changed the World – 4 weeks

Do you know that Christianity is the best thing ever to happen to women’s rights?

Would you be surprised to find out that modern science could only have been birthed in a ‘christian’ environment?

Why slavery well might have remained an institution were it not for Christianity!

Why universal education (kindergarten thru college) wouldn’t have happened except for Christianity!

This class will literally blow your view of Christianity wide open. You’ll be amazed at what Jesus’ teaching have brought upon the world.

Tough Questions about God – 2-3 weeks

Who made God?

Can God make a rock so heavy that no one can lift it, including Himself?

Prove to me that God exists without using the Bible!

While this may seem daunting, it’s really not. We’ll use rationality & logic to “prove beyond a reasonable doubt” that God exists, but you must be ready to have your mind streeeeccchhhed!

Foundations: the Basics (8 weeks)

Who is God? Who are we? Who are we in relation to God? Who is Jesus & who isn’t He?

Can I believe the Bible? Is there really a 2nd Coming? How can I talk with God without appearing silly or super-religious? Are heaven and hell real places? Don’t all religions lead to the same place?

Prepare to have your mind stttretcheeeeddd and some of your ideas radically altered. Discover what historic Christianity has always taught and why.

The Real Easter Story – 4 weeks

What does the Easter bunny have to do with Jesus?

What does the Jewish Passover have to do with Jesus?

Do you know how to prove that Jesus died & rose from the dead?

Would it strengthen your faith if it could be proved beyond a reasonable doubt?

We’ll look at all of the particulars of the crucifixion/resurrection story. We’ll also find out how many of the Easter traditions came to be (like the Easter bunny, Easter eggs, etc.).

The Real Christmas Story – 4 weeks

What do Christmas trees, lights, etc., have to do with the birth of Jesus?

Do you know that the Wise men never went to the manger and never saw Jesus as a newborn baby?

How old was Mary when she gave birth to Jesus?

We’ll look at the Christmas story in detail…answering many questions that you may never have thought of. We’ll also trace the origins of the many Christmas decorations & traditions.

UFO’s: Are They Real? – 4 weeks

Are UFO’s from other planets?

If not, where are they from?

We’ll be taking a scientific, rational look at this phenomena. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to be a scientist to understand it all.

Tough Questions about Morality – 2-3 weeks

Who are you to say that “X” is wrong?

What’s true for you may not be true for me…

After all, Einstein said everything is relative.

Don’t force your morals on me….I don’t force mine on you.

We’ll learn how to answer these questions and many more, by showing that morals have to be absolute (true for everyone, all the time), not relative.

How to study the Bible – Part II (4 weeks)

This would be for those students who have already taken “How to study the Bible”.

Part II would look at things like word studies, book outlines, parables, types & anti-types, Chiasms, etc. It is definitely more advanced Bible study techniques.

Homosexuality (3-4 weeks)

Is it biblical?

Has it always existed in its present form?

Is it genetic?

Can gays change their sexual orientation?

What should the Christian response be?

This class will lovingly take a rational, biblical approach to this subject. References will be listed.

Who is Jesus? – 2 weeks

Isn’t He just a good teacher?

He’s another prophet in a long line of prophets, like Buddha, Krishna & Mohammed!

We’ll explore who Jesus is according to the Bible and show why7 He can’t be just another good teacher or just another prophet.