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Setting Forth Positive Reasons for Christianity. What is Apologetics?

The purpose of Reincarnation is to aquaint the student with all of the consequences of reincarnation and to show it’s biblical alternative.

The student will learn:

What’s appealing about reincarnation?

What’s wrong about it

What the consequences of reincarnation are

What the Bible says about it (reincarnation isn’t real and it doesn’t exist)

What is the Bible’s alternative to it and why it’s so much better and easier(the Bible’s alternative is resurrection)



Who Made God by Ravi Zacharias & Norm Geisler pgs 44-45, 167-168, 171-176, 181-182

When Skeptics Ask by Norm Geisler & Ron Brooks pgs 233-254

Teacher materials included in this 2 week class:

Teacher Instructional video

Teacher notes

Teacher handouts

Student notes

Powerpoint presentation

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Cost of this class: $15


Student materials:

Teacher instructional video

Teacher handouts

Student notes

Cost of this class: $10