Causes of Transgenderism:


                                                                                                                                                    The Brain;

     Prenatal hormone therapy says that, while in the mother’s womb, a baby’s genitalia develops in accordance with their biologic sex. But an aberration occurs in their brain that causes the brain to think it is of the opposite sex from the genitalia1.
Unfortunately, there is no distinctive brain differences between transgendered people and non-transgendered people2. While there are some minor variations, we don’t know if these are caused by transgenderism or the result of it. Once again, correlation and causation are not the same thing. Causation of transgenderism has not been proved.
in 1991, Dr. Simon LeVay studied INAH3, a small cluster off cells in the hypothalmus. He noted that INAH3 was larger in heterosexual men than women and that homosexual men’s INAH3 were closer in size to womens. In 2006, two Dutch researchers made a similar claim in their study. Taken together, these two studies claim that sexual orientation and gender identity were related to INAH3 volume. But there are problems with these two studies. Neither one has been independently verified when other studies tried to confirm their results.
In LeVay’s study, there was overlap in his data. Some heterosexual men’s INAH3 was closer to the majority of homosexual men’s in size. Some homosexual men’s INAH3 was closer in size to the majority of heterosexual men’s. This means that the size of the INAH3 is neither necessary nor sufficient to cause transgenderism. In addition to this, a 2014 study found that the size of INAH3 changed when sexual hormone treatment was administered, showing the above two studies as inconclusive3..
Finally, it has been proven that our behavior can affect our brain. This is referred to as “brain plasticity”. It seems that our behavior changes our neural pathways within the brain. Dr. Norman Hoiago  says, “Now we know the brain is neuroplastic and not only can it change but that it works by changing its structure in response to repeated mental experience.”

     Ultimately, the cause of transgenderism in currently unknown. Hormonal, genetic, brain organization and environmental variables may be contributing factors but it has not been proven that they are causative factors. It may be a long time before science unravels this mystery. But one link is childhood sexual abuse by a same sex abuser. Studies have shown that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people are more likely to be sexually assaulted in childhood than heterosexual and non-transgender children.4

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