Transgenderism – Puberty Suppression:

     Puberty suppressing hormones (PSH’s) were developed in the early 1980’s for kids who started puberty too early, like at 6-7 years old. PSH’s delayed puberty until the child reaches a more appropriate developmentally age, like the teen years. After they stopped taking the PSH’s, their bodies entered puberty normally. In 1998, researchers in Holland suggested these PSH’s could be applied to children with gender dysphoria1. But there were concerns with this as there was no long term studies on how these PSH’s affect people. So, the researchers started using children as experimental subjects. This was outrageous. The German Nazi’s experimented on human subjects like this.

     Another big thing is that most childhood gender dysphoria disappears with puberty. In other words, most cases of childhood gender dysphoria naturally resolve themselves and teens wind up embracing their biologic sex2.

     Make no mistake about it, PSH’s are not a neutral therapy. They reinforce transgenderism.  People know that introducing dangerous drugs, like alcohol, drugs or tobacco, into a child’s life can have long term detrimental consequences. PSH’s are in this same category. Are we really ready to push a child into understanding all the complex, experimental concepts at this young age? These concepts are being pushed on them by adults with avant-garde sexual ethics.

1…P.T.Cohen-Kettenis & S.H.van Goozen, “Puberty Delay as an Aid in Diagnosis and Treatment of a Transsexual Adolescent:, European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 7, no.4 (1998):246-48