Real Easter Story – Student Questions

Week 1:

1…What surprised you the most about the pagan traditions of Easter?

2…Do you feel these pagan traditions take away from the real meaning of Easter? In what ways?

3…What can you do to keep the real meaning of Easter relevant in your private life? In your public life?


Week 2:

1…Trace out the distance to each place that Jesus went to. Realize that He was seversly beaten and whipped when He walked to some of these places.

2…How did reading about the medical description of the whipping and crucifixion affect you? What was your reaction to it?


Week 3:

1…What was your reaction to the 7 last things that Jesus said? Remember these were said under great physical suffering.

2…What things would you have said in these circumstances?

3…What does this do to your image of Jesus? Does it make you more in love with Him or just pity Him?


Week 4:

1…Do you think this is compelling evidence that Jesus rose from the dead? Why or why not? If why not, what evidence could convince you?

2…How does the resurrection of Jesus affect your life? In what ways does it affect your life?

3…Do you feel this course has given you more confidence in your faith in Jesus?

4…Do you feel that the resurrection of Jesus has been proved beyond a reasonable doubt?

5…How will your life be different after taking this course?