The Real Christmas Story – 4-1


  1. Luke 2:1-40

V1-3…look at all of the historical facts in here.

V7…”swaddling” clothes…the Greek word is ‘spargano’ which means “to swathe”. This is

the same word used for burial bandages (the burial bandages that were wrapped around

Christ when He was buried).

V7…Jesus was born in a manger where animals were…animals were also used in the

Temple sacrifices…coincidence? Kings/princes were always born in high & mighty

places. Jesus was born humbly, like you & I.

V8…remember, it was not Dec.25th or in the winter. It was probably in the springtime.

V8…Shepharding was a lowly profession…shepherds were considered ‘unclean’ because of

their work. The gospel 1st came to the outcasts of the day. How appropriate!

V8…Shepherds later symbolized those who care for God’s people, like pastors….Ps 23:1,

Isa 40:11, Heb 13:20 & 1Pete 2:25 & 5:2.

V9…angels appearing again…and what was the shepherds reaction?

V10…the angel says “Don’t be afraid”.

V10…the ‘good news’ of Jesus Christ is the ‘gospel’ of Jesus Christ. The angels are saying

that this is ‘good news’ and a ‘great joy’.

V12…even back then, a baby born in a manger was not normal.  That’s why the angel

said that that’s the sign….a newborn baby wrapped in swaddling clothes in a manger.

V14…the King James is a bad translation…”and on earth, peace to men of good will”. That’s

a whole lot different than….”and on earth, peace to men on whom His favor rest”. The

‘peace’ here refers to the ‘peace of Christ’…Matt 1:79 & Phil 4:7.

V17,18….the 1st Christian evangelists were lowly shepherds instead of the King’s heralds.

V19…a young girl of 13-15 ponders all of this as she looks at her baby boy.

V25-38…in the mouth of 2 witnesses, God confirms it…Deut 19:15 & Matt 18:16…each

witness is an authentic representation of Judaism, righteous & devout.

V31,32…Jesus the Messiah is for all of the world, not just Israel.

V34,35….note the order…the “falling & rising “, not rising & falling, referring MAYBE  to

the dispersal (in 70 A.D.) and re-gathering of Israel (in 1948 A.D.). This clash in V34 &

35 will hurt Mary deeply.

V39,40…Joe & Mary were godly people whose hearts were toward obedience to God..

Look at all that God asked of them.