The Bible in One Page

God made Adam & Eve to fellowship with Him forever. Because He didn’t make them robots, He gave them free will. After some time, they chose to turn away from Him and follow the Devil. Since they chose the Devil’s way, they lost their eternal life and direct contact with God.

God made a long term plan to win them back.

The children Adam & Eve birthed got worse and worse so God destroyed them with a flood and He started over with one man, Noah. He spoke to all humanity thru Noah and then Shem.

That didn’t work out well either, so God broke them up by confusing their language.

He then spoke thru another man, Abraham and his descendants, the nation Israel.

That didn’t work out well either, so He spoke to the nation Israel thru another man, Moses. He also FREED THEM FROM SLAVEY, for crying out loud.

That didn’t work out well either, so He spoke to them thru a group of Judges.

That didn’t work out well either. The people wanted a King, so He spoke to them thru a King.

That didn’t work out well either. Israel was so rebellious, so He allowed a foreign nation to rule over them, to get their attention.

That didn’t work out well either, so He finally gave them His long term plan. That worked out GREAT, even though it didn’t seem that way right away. The Church was established but the world around it kept getting worse.

Finally, He sent Jesus back a 2nd time. Jesus set up His kingdom and ruled forevermore. All the people then realized that the problem was not with God but with them. That’s why things never worked out. They needed a new nature, they needed their old sin nature removed.

The people who didn’t love God or Jesus got to be without Him forever. Hell is separation from God forever. God didn’t send them to hell. It was their own choice to go to hell.

The people who loved God & Jesus got to be with Him forever in heaven and, man, was it GREAT!

The end…except that it never ends. Life goes on for an eternity. It’s just where you chose to spend it. Genesis is paradise lost. Revelation is paradise regained. In-between these 2 books is the story of us, our relationship with God and what He did to repair it.