Student Questions for PTMTGE


  • Name the two methods of proof.
  • What three things do you have to have to use the scientific method?
  • Define the 2nd method of proof.
  • Why can’t you use the scientific method to prove God’s existence?
  • Name some other things that we know exist but cannot use the scientific method to prove that they exist.


Cosmological Argument:

  • Write out the three steps to the cosmological argument.
  • Who made God?
  • What is a “suicide” question?
  • Why is there only one God?


Teleological Argument:

  • Write out the three steps to the teleological argument.
  • Give several examples of how the physical constants of the universe support this argument.
  • Why is it not possible for the universe to have formed by pure chance?


Moral Argument:

  • Write out the three steps to the moral argument.
  • Why is it impossible to deny moral absolutes?
  • Why do cultures having different morals does not prove that morals are relative?
  • Why do we need a transcendent source for our morals?
  • Write out some conclusions that follow if you don’t believe in absolute morals.


Manuscript Evidence:

  • Name and explain the three types of manuscript proofs.
  • Briefly explain how the bible compares with secular, historical documents on these three tests.


Old Testament Archaeology Argument:

  • Have archaeological discoveries ever disagreed with the bible?
  • Give some examples of where the bible and Old Testament archaeology agree.


New Testament Archaeology Argument:

  • Give some examples of where the bible and New Testament archaeology agree.


Science Argument:

  • Define the two different methods of proving something.
  • What is ‘scientism’ and why is it not true?
  • Define hard evidence and soft evidence.
  • List just two examples that prove there is an intelligent designer to our bodies and to our universe.


Prophecy Probability:

  • What challenge does God give everyone that np other deity does?
  • Define the three types of biblical prophecies.
  • For prophecy to be reliable, what three factors should it contain?
  • Why can prophecy be used to prove the existence of God?


Psychological/Sociological Argument:

  • List three reasons why the psychological argument makes sense.
  • List several areas where Christianity has profoundly influenced or changed.