Scientists, Christians and Darwin doubters


     Often the claim is made that Christians are not “real” scientists. This claim is especially made about scientists who are creationists or intelligent designists. While the people making these claims usually will not be convinced by anything you say or can prove, people reading it will be.
The following links will dispel these statements. It should be noted that these lists are not comprehensive. These are just a few scientists who identify themselves as Christians/creationists/ID’ers.
I have also included a link of scientists who question Darwinian evolution. Please note that this list is not a “Christian” list. When you have this many scientists beginning to question a prevailing theory, it may well be the beginning of the end for that particular theory.
I also included a link that shows that creationist & intelligent design scientists who are discriminated against.



Scientists who identify as Christians:   Scroll down to the alphabetical list. The Appendices have some GREAT links to them. Check them out!

Scientists who are creationists:

Scientists who question Darwinian evolution:    This is a GREAT site with a wealth of information!

Creation & intelligent design scientists who are discriminated against:


For His Kingdom & scientific integrity,
Dave Maynard