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Setting Forth Positive Reasons for Christianity. What is Apologetics?

Reasons Why We Want to Educate Christians in Biblical Knowledge

According to George Barna (a Christian pollster):

  1. a little less than 50% of born-again Christians believe in absolute truth.
  2. a little more than 50% believe you can work your way into heaven.
  3. 38% believe that Jesus sinned while on Earth.

Christian areas of growth, 9/27/05 survey:

  1. 13% said increase commitment to their Christian faith
  2. 12% said to increase their biblical knowledge.
    No other area scored in the double digits.
  3. 7% said improving their prayer life
  4. several areas were tied at 4%…. being a servant to others, developing better relationships, understanding the Christian life better & doing a better job at sharing their faith.
  5. several areas were tied at 3%…developing better character, improve at forgiving others & becoming more spiritually mature.

In another study done 6/14/2005, they found areas that born again Christians said they needed most improvement in were:

  1. 25% said increasing their Biblical knowledge
  2. 23% said sharing their faith
  3. 14% said worship
  4. 14% said spiritually leading their family
  5. 8% said serving others
  6. 7% said living out their faith
  7. 5% said maintaining healthy relationships

Years ago, when I was looking at bible study methods and courses to use when teaching people who had just accepted Christ, I found much of it to be what I would describe as ‘devotional’ material. For someone who had no knowledge of the Bible or Christianity, much of the content raised more questions than gave answers. This devotional material was geared to growing in our faith and our walk with God – a very good endeavor – however, it seemed inadequate to me, as far as giving someone a good, working knowledge of the basic beliefs of Christianity. This method also didn’t seem to anticipate skeptical but honest questions that may come up. So, I decided to write my own material with my pastor’s support and oversight…

These classes I have created are geared towards a more rational, ‘apologetic’ approach. Apologetic just means giving a reason for why you believe what you believe (it’s not apologizing for what you believe). My classes are also geared to answer skeptical but honest questions; many are ones that I had either before I was a Christian, or right after I choose to follow Christ. My purpose is to provide a firm foundation that can solidify your belief in the Bible and Jesus Christ. Some of my classes are intended to provide a biblical perspective on current topics as well.

My prayer is that these classes will provide a firm foundation for when, not if, a believer goes through hard times. When our emotions run high and we find ourselves questioning God’s existence in our lives, this foundation will strengthen our faith and empower us to trust in God when we’re tempted to walk away from Him. (Isaiah 28:16 and Luke 6:48) It will also enable us to give others a satisfying answer for the hope that is within us. (1st Peter 3:15)