Pakistani Update 8, 10/12/21:

Our pastor and his wife had just given a successful seminar in a small village in Pakistan. Pakistan is 98% Muslim. As they were walking to the transportation center to rent a motor bike to get home, they were jumped by 7 Muslims. While they didn’t harm his wife, they did beat our pastor up pretty bad. They trashed his laptop. His leg is swollen, he’s been prescribed some pretty strong pain relievers and he’s using a walking stick to get around. His wife was traumatized seeing her husband beaten up. They reported it to the police but they don’t expect them to do anything.

Pakistan is being pretty strict with Christians right now. Afghan refugees who are Christians are being turned back into Afghanistan. If the refugees have any piece of Christian jewelry, like a cross, or a bible app on their phone, they’re being turned away. Our pastor is being watched by the police for any illegal activity, like converting someone to Jesus. Even the electric meter readers are asking him about if his electric use is being used for ‘Christian’ purposes.
Regarding his beating, our pastor has said that he will not stop working for Jesus and that He went thru much worse for all of us. WOW! What a great attitude.

He is looking for a new place to live. His Muslim apartment manager says that he has received complaints from his neighbors about his Christian activities. So he has raised his rent by 30%. This amount to an extra $2,000 USD/year, which he has to pay for upfront. Our pastor is looking for a new place to live but he had to sign a one year lease now with at least 6 months before he can get out of it.
He’s living in a small 2 bedroom apartment with his wife, their 5 month old daughter, his mother and the wife of a Christian man who recently died from COVID complications. He also needs a new laptop for his ministry. That will cost about $1,000 USD.

This month of October, his team of 30 volunteers will be planning their 2022 strategy. They plan on dividing up Pakistan into these 30 volunteers and having each one teach our classes to people in their area. They will also plan on several seminars that he will teach at plus the online courses. These are ambitious plans and they will require planning, protection, execution and finances. They print off booklets for each course and hand them out for free along with pens and very light refreshments. In addition, they also give Pakistani language bibles away for free to anyone who asks.

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Thank you and may God richly bless you,
Dave Maynard