From January thru August, 2021, a praise report of Dave’s School of Apologetics International (DSAI):

  1. We have 11 active bible study groups going in Pakistan.
  2. All of the courses, except “Is there life after death” and “Colossians” have now been translated into the Urdu language. This is the major language of Pakistan.
  3. There are now 2 Dave’s Youth groups in Pakistan serving the country with great zeal. They have provided masks for poor people and had a Mother’s & Father’s Day celebrations, especially for single Mom’s and Mother’s who has lost a child in addition to telling Pakistani’s about Jesus. Talking about Jesus is very bold as conversion from Islam is illegal in Pakistan. Kudo’s to these Youth group guys for sharing Jesus in a hostile country.
  4. There are now 3 Patti’s Prayer groups going.  These prayer groups are an essential part of our spiritual battle that is ongoing in Pakistan.
  5. We have reached 9 different areas in Pakistan that were never reached with the gospel message before.
  6. We’ve given away 50 bibles in the Urdu language to non-believers and believers. Bibles in the Urdu language are somewhat rare in Pakistan.  When one person received a bible, he broke down and cried as it was the first bible he had ever had. God’s Word will transform Pakistani lives.
  7. We’ve conducted 8 bible oriented seminars in very remote and backward areas of Pakistan.
  8. Near 1,100 people have enrolled in our courses thru the Pakistani postal system.
  9. Our Pakistani pastor has been aiding Afghani refugees. This is dangerous as Pakistani officials have been turning away Afghani’s who are Christians.
  10. All this in just 8 months of 2021. We still have 4 months to go.

From Team DSAI in Pakistan