Pakistani Update 4

Hi Everyone,

WOW! So much has happened since our last letter to you. From April 2020 until now, our Pakistani pastor, Sajid Azeem, has taught 3 of my online classes ( to over 1,300 Pakistanis.  His goal is to translate the rest of my online classes into the Urdo (the official Pakistani) language by the end of the year.
Here are some of the results;
– a medical student said that after taking “How Christianity Changed the World”, that he could now confidently answer his fellow medical students questions about the benefits of Christianity versus Islam.
– a 26 year old teacher that had gained a high teaching position, job success, security and money still felt like she was in the wilderness in her personal life. None of those things brought her significance and peace. Upon taking “How Christianity Changed the World”, she found Christ. She now says she has come from the wilderness into the promised land.

Sajid teaching women that they are equal to men in God’s eyes-Galatians 3:28

– our 23 year old part-time DSAI employee, Joshua, had just picked up and paid for our printed material from the printers office. Outside the printer’s office, five Muslim guys asked him what the material was about. When he told them it was about Jesus, they beat him up so badly that they broke 2 of his ribs and left him there. He got to a hospital on his bicycle and phoned Sajid, who phoned the police. Their attitude was that because Joshua was a Christian, they wouldn’t do anything about it. Sajid called us and we put it on our prayer chain. The very next day, Sajid called us and said the police had completely reversed their decision and were in the process of arresting the 5 guys. The city of Lahore was in an uproar but the police stood their ground. When Sajid talked with Joshua in the hospital, he (Joshua) said, “Jesus Himself was mocked and beaten. He suffered and died on my behalf and calls blessed those that follow in His steps…Dave’s ministry changed my life…I am willing to die for Him (Jesus).” Far from weakening his faith, it has strengthened it. DSAI is paying his medical bills and his salary while he recovers. He is so blessed to know that he has so many brothers-and-sisters in the Lord in the USA praying for him.

Sajid teaching one of my classes

In other news, a few months ago, Sajid came down with the corona-virus, but God has healed him from that.
Sidra, Sajid’s wife, gave birth to a baby girl 3 weeks ago. Her name is Dorcas (from the bible). Two weeks ago, she came down with pneumonia. Sajid had us praying for her. She was only in the hospital overnight. She was released with medication to take. Several of the Muslim parents, whose babies were in the hospital for many days, asked Sajid to pray for their children. They said that Sajid’s God answered prayers while Allah hadn’t. Sajid then got to tell them about Jesus. What the devil meant for evil, God meant for good (Genesis 50:20).

Currently, Sajid has a Christian family living with them in his very small apartment. The husband has a wife and 2 children. The husband, Abid, is in critical condition because of the corona-virus. He’s in the hospital on a ventilator. The doctor’s diagnosis is not good. This couple’s families have rejected them because they converted to Christianity. Abid was fired from his job for the same reason. Pakistan, being a Muslim country, has made conversion to any other religion, especially Christianity, illegal. Sajid has been paying Abid’s medical bills. Most Pakistanis don’t have medical insurance like we do. Please pray for Abid’s complete recovery.

We feel that because Sajid is having a significant impact in Pakistan for Jesus, that the devil is now counter-attacking. Please pray for Sajid, Sidra and all of the people he’s involved with. It seems that when God gets one victory that the devil throws another problem at him. Sajid and Sidra are trusting God but they would like your prayers.

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For the sake of the name of Jesus,
Dave Maynard