Marriage – Sex Statistics

-32% of married couples have sex 2-3 times/week
-80% of married couples have sex a few times or more/month
-47% of married couples have sex a few times/month
-26% of married couples have sex once/week or 2-3 times/month

-In general, more sex does increase happiness but more than once/week didn’t show a significant increase in happiness.
-a lot of married couples schedule time for sex, mainly because of family responsibilities (i.e., their kids activities).

Benefits of sexual intercourse:
-it’s an expression of love
-it reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. It promotes cell growth in the hippocampus (in the brain) that regulates stress.
-it builds trust with your spouse and increases relationship satisfaction.
-it improves intimacy outside the bedroom and makes you more affectionate as a couple.
-it boosts your immune system so you’ll have fewer sick days.
-it raises morale by boosting dopamine, a feel good chemical. One study says that sex once/week gives you a bigger morale boost that an additional $50,000/year would.
– lowers a man’s risk of getting prostrate cancer.
-couples sleep better.|
-Sex releases oxytocin, a pain reliever that helps reduce a man’s risk of heart attack by 50%.
-Estrogen & testosterone are released during sex and they give your body a younger, healthier look. Couples who had sex 4 or more times/week looked 7-12 years younger.
-some talk is important during sex.
-monogamy is standard for Americans. 75% of married men and 85% of married women have been faithful during their marriages.
-married couples have the most sex and the most satisfying sex.

What makes you feel like making love?
MEM…pretty much everything. We’re like a gas burner. The moment you turn it on, it’s at full temperature. A very intimate (non-sexual) conversation can be a real turn on for us.
WOMEN…are like a slow cooker, they need time to reach full temperature. Any non-sexual thing that treats them as a woman of worth lights their fire, like brushing their hair, giving them a back rub or just having an intimate conversation with them..

Men always climax, women don’t always climax. Sexual compatibility takes time.

A modern day secular proverb….Single women give sex to get love, single men give love to get sex. Obviously, for the Christian, this shouldn’t be true.