All scientists agree that our universe (space, time & matter) had a beginning (the so-called Big Bang). Therefore, it needs a beginner, a maker. It cannot create itself, so it needs a creator. Since time, space & matter didn’t exist before the creation of the universe, the ‘cause’ of the universe has to be timeless, spaceless & immaterial.
You cannot keep going backward forever, saying ‘What caused this cause” or “What caused that cause”. Something had to start it all. Philosophers call this the ‘First Uncaused Cause’. We can also call it ‘God’. This won’t get us all the way to the God of the Bible yet, but it does rule out atheism as a logical explanation for the origin of the universe.




                              What about the multi-verse?


The multi-verse view of the universe is that there is a universe-creating ‘machine’ that creates trillion of universes, ours being just one. First off, there’s absolutely no proof at all for this view. It’s just idle speculation that tries to get around the fact that our universe has a beginning (and hence, a beginner). Secondly, if it was true, you just haven’t gone back far enough in time. Who created this ‘machine’? Eventually, you’ll get back to a ‘First Uncaused Cause’ again.




             Why couldn’t the universe have always existed?


     There are 2 reasons the universe couldn’t have always existed.
First…we know that our universe (space, time & matter) had a beginning at the so-called Big Bang. So we know it hasn’t always existed.
Second…if the universe had no beginning, that means that it has existed infinitely in the past. Since time is moving forward, we would NEVER have reached ‘today’. WOW! Do you feel that your mind just got stretched? Let me re-state that. Since time is moving forward and if there is an infinite number of days in the past, we NEVER would have reached ‘today’. But we have reached ‘today’, so there can’t be an infinite number of days in the past. And that means that time had a beginning.
Let me explain further…by definition, an infinite number of days can NEVER be traversed…in other words, it has no beginning and no end. But since the days before today have happened, this means that the number of days in the past are not infinite but finite…a limited number of days, proving once again that time did have a beginning.
I know that the concept of infinity is hard to understand. We keep wanting to think that there is a starting point somewhere. But infinity has no starting or ending points. Infinity in the past just keeps going and going and it never stops. This is why, if there where an infinite number of days in the past, we would NEVER reach today, as in this present day or right now.


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“Who Made God?” by Zacharias & Geisler, page 24