Student Questions on Heaven & Hell – 2:

Week 4 – Heaven;


1…will our works as Christians be judged? What is the purpose of this judgement?


2… will heaven be a 24/7 worship service or will we be doing things?


3… what will we do in heaven?


Week 5 – Heaven;


1…describe some of the physical settings of the new Earth?


2…what will we be like in heaven? Be specific!


3…will we keep on learning in heaven?


Week 6 – Heaven;


1…will the memory of our past life on Earth be erased? If not, how will that affect us?


2…will we ‘work’ in heaven?


3…will we be ‘married’ in heaven? To whom?


Week 7 – Heaven;


1…what will we do in heaven?


2…does your view of heaven & hell affect how you live now? If so, in what way?


3…has your view of heaven been changed by this course? If so, in what way?


4…does your view of heaven cause you to:
A. Love Jesus more?
B. want to tell other people about heaven & hell and how to get to heave