Student Questions on Heaven & Hell – 1:

Week 1 – Hell;


1…according to the bible, is hell a real, physical place?


2…after a person’s death, is there any further chance for repentance?


3…how many parts were there to ‘hades’?


4…what eventually happens to ‘hades’?


Week 2 – Hell;


1…what two New Testament words describe ‘hell’?


2…how are they different from each other?


3…tell the physical conditions that Jesus used to describe what the final hell could be like?


4…did Jesus say that these conditions would exist in hell or that hell would be even worse than these conditions?


5…what should be our attitude towards unbelievers?


Week 3 – Heaven;


1…how many ‘heavens’ are there now? Describe them!


2…what happens when we die in this present life?


3…when does the intermediate heaven end and the future heaven begins?


3…what’s one thing that we’ll be doing in the future heaven?