Foundations 4 – Who is Jesus 2 Student notes

Who does the Bible say Jesus is?


OT God (YHWH):             NT Jesus:                Both are called:

Exodus 3:14                                     John 8:58                          _______________

Isaiah 44:6                                        Revelation 1:17                _______________

Isaiah 42:8                                        John 17:5                          _______________

Isaiah 62:5                                        Matt 25:1                          _______________

Psalm 23:1                                        John 10:11                        _______________

Psalm 27:1                                        John 8:12                          _______________

Joel 2:12                                           Matt 25:31                        _______________

Isaiah 10:21                                      Isaiah 9:6                          _______________

Psalm 45:6                                        Hebrews 1:8                     _______________

Exodus 20:1-5                                  Matt 8:2 & 14:33              _______________

Isaiah 45:23                                      Philippians 2:10,11          _______________




                            The Virgin Birth of Jesus:


Jesus is fully God & fully man (not half & half), hence the titles….Son of ____ & Son of _____.

Isaiah 7:14 predicted & Matt 1:18-23 confirmed that this “redeemer” would be born from a woman

who was a virgin.  God wanted Jesus to be fully human so He could relate to our struggles, but

fully divine so He could show us what God is really like.  This fusing of God with mankind is

called the _________________.  “Carne’ means in the flesh….like chili con carne means chili with meat, hence Incarnation refers to the Divine taking on flesh.



              The Crucifixion & Resurrection of Jesus:


While His entrance into this world ____________ the normal way of birth….His resurrection from the dead __________ the normal way of death.

Jesus was the 2nd Adam, from which God made a new & perfect start….1Cor 15:20-22 & 45-49.  Remember the sin debt that we have?..Romans 5:6-8 ..John 3:16..1John 5:11-13..Romans 8:1,10,11    Since we are imperfect, we cannot pay for our own imperfections (or sins), but Jesus leading a perfect life can. 

The Bible says that without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins….Hebrews 9:22.  That is why Jesus had to die.  Read the crucifixion account in John 19:17-42.  But for God to show that He had power over death, He resurrected Jesus from the dead.  Read the resurrection account in  John 20:1-31.

Without the physical resurrection of Jesus, our faith would be worthless….

1Cor 15:3,4, 12-20, 42-50…2Cor 5:17-21…Galatians2:20….John3:16.

Its not just enough for us to acknowledge this.

We must each personally receive Jesus into our heart, John 1:12