Practice reading the Bible a few minutes every day.  Discover some of the attributes of God and how they affect your life in practical ways.


Day 1:


From our study, what surprises you about how God is described here?


If God is everywhere, how does that make you feel about the choices that you make everyday and the words that come out of your mouth?


Day 2:

Which of God’s attributes is the most interesting to you? His attributes are omnipresence (He can be anywhere at any time), omniscience (He knows everything), omnipotent (He is all powerful), personal (we relate to Him as a person, not a force), transcendent (He is not part of His creation, He is separate from it), purposeful (He has a plan for the universe and us, He is not capricious), unchanging (he does not experience conflict within Himself) and He is moral (He defines what is right and what is wrong. He has a morality within Himself)


Day 3:

What is the difference between ‘monism’ & ‘monotheism’?


Day 4:

Who is the Holy Spirit and what does He do?  In the Old Testament, He appears as God’s energy let loose. In the New Testament, He appears as the 3rd person of the trinity. There is one God made up of 3 persons, who are always in agreement. They are not 3 Gods (John 14:15-27 & 15:26-16:16, Romans 8:1-27)


Is the Holy Spirit a person or just an impersonal force….like the force in Star Wars?


Day 5:

After reading John 14:15-26, why do you think the Holy Spirit is called ‘counselor?’


Day 6:

What one verse in John 14:15-26 says, in essence, the more a person is filled with the Holy Spirit, the more he will know & talk about Jesus?