Foundations 1 – Who is God – 1 Student notes

“I am the Lord, and there is no other; apart from me there is no God”…Isaiah 45:5


The most important question you can ask is, “What is ______________ reality?”  Everything you do or think in life will be profoundly affected by how you answer this question.  Your answer will determine how you view the world around you.  It will affect how you answer other important questions in life, such as, “Where did I come from?”, “Who am I?”, and “Why am I here?”


                      Who is God?


Don’t all religions believe in God?  Don’t they just call Him by different names?

A rose is a rose and by any other name, its still a rose.  Don’t all roads lead to Rome?


     _______!….for these reasons:

  1. A lot of religions claim that their way is the only way.
  2. A lot of religions contradict each other.


God is defined by the world’s religions in 1 or 2 ways:

  1. __________________
    A) A belief in many gods….Hinduism, Buddhism,etc.
    B) A belief in many gods but they’re all part on one big God (monism-all is God, you’re God, the tree is God, etc.)….Hinduism, New Age religions, etc.
  2. __________________….a belief in one God only….
    A) Christianity
    B) Judaism
    C) Islam


Does it really make a difference what you believe about God?  Or what a nation believes about God?

When you define God, would you describe Him as a personal God or an impersonal God, like an IT or an __________________ force?

8Christianity believes in one God (mono-theistic) but that one God exists as three separate persons (Father, Son & Holy Spirit).  All 3 are God, but they are 1 God.

This is a tri-unity or trinity.  This is not ____________ but ______________.