Intro to the Bible;

-the word Bible comes from the Greek word ‘biblos’, which just means “book”

-66 books in the Bible
            39 books in the OT
            27 books in the NT

-the Old Testament was written between about 1500-400BC

-the New Testament was written between about 40-100AD

-our Old Testament is the Jewish bible

-the New Testament specifically talks about Jesus

-in the Bible, the authors range from generals to shepards. Over 40 different authors wrote in 1,600 years. The Bible’s story is seamless from start to finish. Genesis is “Paradise Lost”. Revelation is “Paradise Regained”. The Bible is the story of us.

Bible references are like this….John 3:16 means go to the Table of Contents (at the front of the Bible), then go to the Gospel of John (in the NT), go to chapter 3, then go down to verse 16.
John         3 :        16                             “For God so loved the world…”
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