Don’t all religions lead to God?


     The example is often given of an elephant in a room and 4 blindfolded men touching various parts of it. Each man would describe something different but they’d all be the same elephant. Aren’t we like the blindfolded men with each of us describing our own religion, but it’s all part of the same God?

     But there is one big problem with this example:
we’re not blindfolded. We possess reason, logic and rational thought. We can see and touch all parts of the elephant before making an assessment of what we’re touching.

     This also doesn’t solve the following problem…what do you do when one religion teaches something that is contradicted by another religion? God, by nature, cannot be contradictory. If Christianity says Jesus is God and Islam says He’s not, one of them is wrong. The bible says there is one God, Hinduism says there are many gods and Buddhism isn’t sure. Logically, they can all be wrong but they cannot all be right.

     Many scholars have studied these religions and have come to the conclusion that Christianity is the only one that is rational and logical. For a brief study of these different religions, read the book “Kingdom of the Cults” by Walter Martin.

     Religion is man’s way to God by what we do. Christianity is God’s way to man by what Christ has done for us. Religion is spelled “do”, Christianity is spelled “done”. It has all been done for us by Jesus Christ.

     All other religious leaders have died and are still dead. Jesus said He was the only way to God (John 14:6). He died but predicted that He would rise from the dead. He left many irrefutable proofs of His resurrection for everyone to see. He proved what He said by being the only person to conquer death. Jesus laid everything that He ever said or did on His ability to be resurrected from the dead. Anyone who can defeat death has my vote.

FYI….what are these irrefutable proofs that He left for us to examine? First, He proved that the bible is reliable. The class “How We Got the Bible” goes into this. Second, He left an indisputable record of His death & resurrection for us to evaluate. The class “The Real Easter Story” lists these proofs in sessions 2,3 & 4.


For His Kingdom,
Dave Maynard