Suggested Bible Reading Order

     In a normal book, like a novel, you always start reading at the beginning of the book. But the Bible is not like a novel. If you start reading the Bible from the beginning, you will get bogged down in books like Exodus, Numbers, Leviticus, etc.
If you’re a believer in Jesus and don’t know where to start reading the bible, here are some suggestions. Numbers 1-6 below are all New Testament books. To find out where these books are, go to the Table of Contens at the front of your bible.

1) The Gospel of Luke…this is the best overall historical account of the life of Jesus.

2) The Acts of the Apostles…this is a great historical account of the early Church.

3) Ephesians…this shows you your identity in Christ. For example…
Chapter 1, verse 4 (C1V4)…you are chosen
C1V5…You are loved, you are adopted
C1V7 & 14…you are redeemed
C2V4…you are loved
C2V8…you are saved
C2V10…you are God’s masterpiece of art
C2V13…you are worthy
C2V18…you have direct access to God
C2V19…you are a child of God

4) 1st John…you have assurance of salvation…C5V10-13

5) 1st Peter…you will suffer for being a Christian
C1V6 & C2V21 & C4V4, 12…you will suffer
C1V7-9…suffering purifies your faith
C2V1,12,16,23 & C3V9,16 & C4V7,10 & C5V6-9…how to live in spite of the suffering

6) after reading all of the above, read any other book of the New Testament. Please read the book of Revelation last as it is the most difficult to interpret of all the books in the bible.

7) when reading the Old Testament books, keep these things in mind…
A) Genesis thru Ester are historical books.
B) Job thru Song of Songs are mostly poetic books. There is a lot of wisdom in these books, especially Proverbs & Ecclesiastes. Psalms shows us how to talk and relate to God. Job shows us God’s sovereignty and Song of Songs shows us what married love is like.
C) Isaiah thru Malachi are prophetic books written in poetic form. They tell what is happening and what will happen to Israel if they keep on walking away from the Lord.

For the sake of His Name,
Dave Maynard