Pakistani Update 2

Hi Everyone,

I would like to introduce you to Dave’s School of Apologetics International (DSAI). I’m sure you receive many introductory emails from worthwhile charities. I realize that you cannot donate to all of them. May God richly bless you when you donate to any charity. I would like to tell you about our group – and I’ll be brief as I know your time is very valuable.
I’m Dave Maynard and I started my website ( when I retired in 2015. I taught adult education as a volunteer at two local area churches for over 20 years. At the urging of several of my students, I put my classes online. All of my classes are my original material that were overseen by my church pastors. Eight months ago, something happened that I never expected: a Pakistani pastor found my website, loved it, and requested permission to translate my material into Urdo, the official Pakistani language. Since then, we formed DSAI. This Pakistani pastor has taught just 3 of my classes to about 1,000 Pakistanis. The results have been incredible. Pakistan is a 3rd world country and 98% Muslim. Pakistani Christians have very little biblical teaching material in their own language. Sajid Azeem, our Pakistani pastor, has said my teachings have changed people’s lives. Not only have people accepted Christ as their Savior, my 3 classes have strengthened and revitalized the faith of these Pakistani believers.

Urmila is a 26 year old Pakistani school teacher who had it all. She earned fame, success and money as a section head in her profession. But she still felt an emptiness in her life.

A friend suggested she take our course “How to Read the Bible” taught by our Pakistani director of DSAI.
Thru our course, she came to invite Jesus into her life. That empty sadness is now filled with Jesus Christ. She feels like she went from the wilderness into the promised land.

This is one of many reports that we are getting from Sajid, our Pakistani director. We provide free bibles, bible study booklets, seminars, classes, pens, light refreshments and a certificate of course completion to any and all Pakistani’s that take our courses or seminars.  This year, he is training some of those Pakistani people who have taken our courses to duplicate what he did in their own states and cities. This way, his outreach can be multiplied many times over.

Won’t you please consider donating to our ministry. 100% of donations go directly to our Pakistani ministry. All donations are tax deductible as we are a 501(C)3 organization. Donate at
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In His Name,
Dave Maynard