How We Got the Bible Student Questions

Week 1:

1…Who wrote thew bible?

2…How was the bible put together?

3…Did the early bible writers vote on what books to be included in the bible? If not, how was the New Testament put together?

4…Are the chapter, verse and heading designations inspired?


Week 2:

1…What do we mean when we say that the bible is “inspired”?

2…Does the bible use all literal language or does it use figures of speech, like hyperbole?

3…What are the 6 tests used to determine if a book or writing was included in the bible?


Week 3:

1…How do we know that the bible is historically accurate? List the 5 ways we know this.

2…Even if we didn’t have any copies of the New Testament, how could we reconstruct it?


Week 4:

1…What are the 4 types of writings that make up biblical era writings?

2…What are the writings that were accepted by some people but not all of the church?

3…Why were they finally rejected?

4…What are the writings that all Christians rejected? Why were they rejected?

5…Why was Esther’s canonicity  later questioned?

6…Why was James canonicity later questioned?


General questions:

1…What does the word ‘apocrypha’ mean and when was the New Testament Apocrypha written?

2…What does the word ‘pseudepigrapha’ mean and when was the New Testament Pseudepigrapha written?

3…Which is one of the primary reasons why the books of the bible are said to be ‘inspired’?

4…Will the bible be in heaven?

5…Are you more confident now than when you started this course that the entire bible is the most historically accurate document ever?

6…Do you believe that it is the very words of God?

7…Can you see that studying it will transform your life?