How to Read the Bible – Part 2 – Student notes 6

That is following a woman of _________, not a woman of __________.
4) Psalm 8:1 thru 8:9


Typologyhow the New Testament writers most often used the Old Testament to foreshadow Christ. Many of God’s former actions were “types” of what He is now doing in Christ.  The type is the Old Testament reference while the anti-type is the New Testament fulfillment.  God prefigured His redemptive work in the Old Testament and fulfilled it in the New Testament. In the Old Testament there are shadows of things which are more fully revealed in the New Testament.

  1. _______ ____ _____________ was a type of Elijah (Mt 17:11-13)
  2. ______________ was a type of Christ
  3. Israel came out of Egypt (Exodus 3:8) as did Christ (Mt 2:15)
  4. Israel spent 40 years in the wilderness (Numbers 14:34) just as Jesus

                                    spent 40 days in the desert (Mt 4:1-11)

  1. ___________ ______ was salvation for those who believed in what he said Just like anyone who believed Noah, they had to be “in the Ark” just like we have to be “in Christ”
  2. The Old Testament ___________ is a type of Christ. He was betrayed, thought dead and gone, was “resurrected” in that God gave him a new life and was the salvation of his people (Genesis 38-50).
  3. ________________(Exodus 12:1-30) is a type of Christ (1Cor 5:7).


  1. The __________ ___________ in the wilderness (Numbers 21:4-9) is a type of Christ (John 3:14,15)
  2. The tabernacle, the Temple and the sacrificial system is a type of Christ

                        (Hebrews 9 & 10)

  1. _________________(Genesis 14:18-20) is typical of Christ (Hebrews 6:20-7:24)
  2. ___________ received his law on a mountain & Christ gave His “law” on a mountain (Matthew 5-7).